Our mission is to help you play better golf. Utilizing strategies and techniques derived from decades of working with players of all skill levels, Tour Techniques provides a holistic and yet personalized approach to golf coaching that guarantees success.


If you are looking for a memorable way to entertain customers or reward employees, let us create the perfect custom corporate event for you.  As performance coaches, we are able to use the lessons learned on the golf course to improve the skills needed in the workplace.


Thinking about taking a trip to a golfing mecca? Or looking for a surefire way to supercharge your golf game in the shortest time possible? At Tour Techniques, we offer golfing experiences that are both remarkable and guaranteed to improve your game.

What is Performance Coaching?

Performance Coaching involves taking a much broader view of a player’s capabilities than traditional golf instruction. At Tour Techniques, we focus on 3 main areas that influence a player’s ability to maximize their potential: ball control, decision making, and self-management. While traditional golf instruction will focus on one of these areas independent of the others, performance coaching looks at all three together as pieces in the same puzzle. For example, poor driving may be more related to teeing up on the wrong side of the tee box than bad mechanics, or nerves may cause a player to be overly aggressive with start lines leading to short sided misses. By looking at all aspects of the game together, we are able to help our clients reach their goals quicker and with less wasted effort.

Performance Coaching vs Traditional Instruction

Shot vs Swing

Does the shot create the swing or the swing create the shot? For those invested in swing mechanics and traditional instruction, the answer is usually that the swing creates the shot. At Tour Techniques, we believe the shot creates the swing and that the body will self-organize around a clear intent. While this seems like a subtle difference, it is key to understanding how performance coaching is different from traditional instruction. Our goal is to help you hit better shots – not necessarily make better swings.

Course vs Range

The game of golf is played on a golf course and yet a majority of traditional instruction occurs on a range where lies are always flat, mulligans always available and consequences non-existant. At Tour Techniques, we like to get our clients out on the golf course where they can truly learn how to play golf in the environment in which the sport is played. As we like to say – golf is less than 5% golf swing.

Coach vs Instructor

At Tour Techniques we are performance coaches and NOT swing instructors. We don’t teach golf swing – we teach playing better golf. As coaches, we work with each of our players to understand their individual goals and then we put together a plan that lays out the quickest and easiest way to achieve those goals. We don’t believe in a one size fits all mentality – every player is unique and every player’s goals are different.

Why Tour Techniques?


At Tour Techniques, we offer the region’s only tour winning performance programs. Our coaches have played against and coached the very best players in the world. Our coaching strategies are based on decades of experience working with all skill levels from beginners to major champions. At Tour Techniques, you can TRUST that you are getting the very best coaching for your game.


Using our Tour Techniques performance coaching techniques, your improvement will be faster than with any other golf instruction program in the industry. Whether you are one of the best players in the world or a weekend golfer just getting started, we have identified the 3 core areas that every golfer needs to focus on to dramatically TRANSFORM their game. It’s simple, it works and it's guaranteed!


Ever wonder why you struggle to take your game from the range to the course? Golf is played on a golf course and not a practice tee. At Tour Techniques, we take our players from the range to the course as fast as we can so that we can help them develop the tools and build the skills they need to actually play better golf - NOT play golf swing! Let us help you TRANSFER the skills you practice into maximizing your potential on the course.


Randy is the best instructor in Charlotte. He quickly identified a number of “issues” with my swing and boiled them down to 3 foundational mechanics. Randy related the 3 mechanics to different sports examples that were easy to remember, practice and follow up on with him. The greatest thing is the mechanics were applied to ball striking, chipping and putting (genius btw). Go see him and watch your scores come down quickly. Highly Recommended.

Walt K.

“Since I started working with David, my handicap has dropped from an 8 to a 2. David has helped to simplify what I always tried to complicate and made me realize that there is much more to playing good golf than how you swing the club. As a good athlete in another sport, golf has always frustrated me – now, FINALLY, it is starting to make some sense!”

Jason W.


Let us know how we can be of assistance with your golf coaching needs and we will get right back to you. Thank you!

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